Why Choose An Online Headshop

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One of the main reasons you should choose an online headshop is because no matter how you look at it, online shops simply have the best selection to choose from. You are not going to find anywhere near the wide range of selection in any smoke shop that you visit as you will get from an online head shop like ThickAssGlass.com.

Besides the wide range selection of products, an online headshop is also going to offer much better prices than you will find any at smoke shop you go into. And especially at TAG, you can be guaranteed that you are getting solid, strong glass products.

Plain and simple, you get a large selection, better prices and quality products with an online headshop. Tough to hate on that.

Wide Selection

The absolute massive difference you get when you buy with an online headshop is the selection. You are not going to find a brick and mortar smoke shop that is going to offer you as much of a wide range of water pipes and accessories as an online headshop. Some of the types of products you are going to find from an online headship are:

  • Scientific glass: TAG's selection is literally massive
  • Heady glass: big variety of artists that you cannot find in smoke shops
  • Acrylic smokeware: quality craftsmanship only
  • Glass and Oil accessories: large selection to choose from
  • Vaporizers: trusted brands only

Better Prices

We dare you to find a better quality product for a better price. TAG products are designed for function and durability. We take no shortcuts in bringing to you a top of the line highest quality piece which should last a life time. If you aren't careful we do offer 2 Year Warranty Protection just in case, accidents do happen.

Superior Customer Service

When you go with an online headshop, you are going to get superior customer service unlike you are going to find in many smoke stores. Online pipe manufacturers like TAG have representatives that know the products and will help you when you need it most.

Having a knowledgeable staff is critical to operating to an online headshop and that knowledge is going to pay off for you. Let's face it: many of your local retail shops are going to lack in quality staff, and that can often make for a big waste of time.

Many times, the staff at smoke shops is not going to be able to serve you best because they are just not very knowledgeable in everything that the shop can offer you. What's more, they may not often be able to answer even basic questions that you may have.

Finally, and it has to be said: nobody likes a pushy salesman. And if you've ever been to some smoke shops (although not all, of course), you know that sometimes the sales pitch can get a little, to incredibly aggressive. Like cell-phone plan salesman aggressive. It can make the whole experience a huge downer.

24/7 Shopping

There is nothing lamer than not being able to find a retail smoke shop open when you need one to be open. With an online headshop, you can shop whenever the time is best for you. You can order your products and the items will be shipped out to you, sometimes within the next day.

Quality Materials

When you go with an online headshop, you get the assurance that you are getting quality products, as you are not always going to find when you purchase items from your local smoke shops.

There are many brands that online head shops are going to stay away from because they only offer quality materials and products. You are also not going to find cheap plastic material in the products you find from a shop like ThickAssGlass.com.

If quality matters to you (and it should, because you're here!), you definitely are going to want to go with an online head shop and to not waste your time with a local smoke shop.

Get what you want! Not what a sales dude wants you to buy!



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