How To Season Quartz Nails For The Perfect Low-Temperature Dabbing Experience

How To Season Quartz Nails For The Perfect Low-Temperature Dabbing Experience

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There are a lot of options to choose from in the dab nail universe. Some are great for certain temperatures while others have more impressive lifespans. And then there's the quartz dab nail, which is the best of both worlds. Let's learn what makes this particular dab nail so great and how to properly season it for your first smoking session.

The Perfect Dab Nail For Low-Temp Dabbing

Quartz nails are actually perfect for high-temperature dabbing as well — like we said, they're the best of both worlds. They heat up faster than ceramic or titanium nails, meaning you can hit your ideal dabbing temperature in less time. Quartz nails also last longer than glass because they can absorb heat better. In general, they're also sturdier than glass dab nails, making them less prone to fractures.

Convinced that the quartz nail is a real gem? Once you learn how easy they are to season, you will be.

Seasoning Quartz Dab Nails

Seasoning a dab nail is similar to seasoning a new cast-iron skillet: the porous surface absorbs all those delicious oils so that every new dish tastes better than the last. But more importantly than taste, seasoning your dab nail eliminates any dirt or residue from the manufacturing process. Seasoning is basically sanitizing your nail so that it's completely safe for use.

The seasoning process is fairly simple for quartz nails. Let’s break it down:

  1. Place your quartz dab nail securely into your water pipe or dab rig's joint.
  2. Heat the nail until it starts to glow red — it won't be super vibrant, as the brightness comes from oxidized oils burning off from previous uses.
  3. Once the top of the nail is thoroughly heated, take the torch away and let it cool. Don't heat the entire length of the nail or you'll risk damaging the joint.
  4. Adding a concentrate or oil is only necessary for titanium nails, but feel free to use them with quartz nails as well.
  5. Allow the concentrate or oil to burn away. Don't smoke it, since it could have nasty chemicals in it.

Once the seasoning process is finished, you can practice cleaning your quartz dab nail. Just use a cotton swab to wipe away any excess oils or concentrates while the nail is still warm. Quartz is porous, so your oils can seep into it, harden and oxidize once the nail cools. Doing this after each dabbing session — or even after each hit — will help extend your quartz nail's lifespan.

Find The Perfect Dab Nail For Your Rig

Thick Ass Glass has plenty of quartz nails and more in our full catalog of water pipe and dab rig accessories. You can also find titanium nails or, for torchless heating, you could try a dab enail. Dive in and find just what you need for another great smoking session.

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