Quartz Dabbing Options Explained

Quartz Dabbing Options Explained

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Quartz dabbing options explained

There seems to be a constantly growing number of options to dab with today. While this variety means you’re more likely to find exactly what you want, it can also be overwhelming. Here, we will breakdown the differences in the quartz dabbing options we carry and help you to find the right option for you.

Many modifications have been made to the traditional banger since it has grown in popularity, but it can be hard to tell which of these will actually make a difference in performance. TAG offers a variety of quartz banger options to fulfill everyone’s needs and ensures that these are all “high air flow”. What does high air flow mean though? The air flow of a typical banger is largely determined by the inner diameter of the tube connecting the bucket to your piece. This is really what makes a difference in determining the drag of the piece. A single pinch point is enough to add resistance to any piece. It is common to see bangers where the bend restricts the inner diameter significantly compared to the inner diameter of the tube itself. In these cases, the air flow is greatly restricted. Due to this, TAG focuses on keeping the inner diameter as open as possible ensuring “high air flow” products.

Domeless nail

This is a simplification to the dome and nail system which dominated dabbing only a few years ago. The benefits of domeless nails are their ease of use and that they tend to stay relatively cheap. The domeless nails we offer will heat up quickly, but they will not hold their heat as long as some of our other options. So, they also won’t support as large of dabs as some other options we will discuss. However, if what you’re looking for is something cheap, quick, and easy to use, then a domeless nail may be right for you!



TAG High air flow Banger

TAG offers several varieties of quartz bangers featuring bucket diameters from 16 – 30 mm. This allows you to select the diameter that works best for you. If you like to take larger slabs, then you will probably want a larger bucket diameter. This will increase the surface area contact with your concentrate allowing quicker, more even vaporization. On the other hand, if you prefer taking smaller dabs, larger inner diameter will just take longer to heat up. So, a smaller bucket diameter may be better suited for you. Most of these options also specify the inner diameter of the bent tube from 2 – 4 mm. As mentioned above, this is a good way to determine the airflow. The larger the inner diameter, the more airflow. So, if you are focused on having the least drag possible, you might want to stick to options with a larger inner diameter.


Banger can

TAG quartz banger cans feature a flat top and a deeper dish than other banger options. Flat or slanted top is largely a matter of preference or the carb cap you have around. Although, the deeper dish allows for larger dabs and can prevent unvaporized concentrate from bubbling up into the tube where it can make its way into your rig. This may not be such a big deal if you have a reclaim catcher, but it does take away from the dab at hand.


Conical pyramid

The TAG conical pyramid quartz banger features a 16mm bucket with an extra thick conical quartz bottom. The bottom of the bucket is still flat like a traditional banger. However, the conical shape of the thick quartz on the bottom holds onto the heat for longer, especially in the center of the bucket. This increased heat retention allows for bigger dabs, or, if you’re a low temp dabber, it holds at a temperature for longer. So, this banger can increase the time you have to hit that sweet spot and therefore allows you to savor more flavor from your dabs.


A quartz trough is essentially a banger with a rotated bucket. This allows for more contact with the concentrate and helps keep it at the bottom due to the rounded edges. If you have a small rig, you can tilt your rig to direct any unvaporized concentrate to the hotter areas of the trough and get the most out of your product. Troughs don’t tend to be suited to large dabs, however, if you prefer small to medium dabs and use a small rig, this might be right for you!

Dab pump

The Dab Pump system is unique set up for dabbing. It is essentially a nectar collector attached to your favorite water pipe. To use this system, you just heat up the tip of the quartz straw connected to the tube and vaporize your concentrate by touching it to the hot quartz while you inhale. It also features a dish which you can place your concentrate in for ease of use and accessibility. This system heats up quickly allowing for quick, easy dabs with a more stable device than a handheld nectar collector.


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