Take the Show on the Road with Spoon Pipes and More

Take the Show on the Road with Spoon Pipes and More

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If you’re an avid user of water pipes or dab rigs, you know that they’re not the easiest thing to take on the go. They can be awkwardly shaped or too delicate to try to transport and use outside of the comfort of your own home. That’s where portable pipes and rigs come into play.

Portable rigs and pipes, like bubblers or glass pipes (also referred to as spoon pipes), provide the convenience and discretion that full size water pipes or rigs cannot.

Before we delve into the benefits of these smoking devices, let’s define them.


A spoon pipe is a basic pipe named for its resemblance to the common piece of flatware. It’s the most common type of glass pipe. A spoon pipe is made up of a bowl portion, a carb, a tapered stem and a mouthpiece.

A bubbler is smaller version of a water pipe; it’s basically a cross between a traditional glass pipe and a regular water pipe. Both use water and a percolation system to filter smoke and create a soft, smooth hit. A bubbler consists of a mouthpiece, a bowl and sometimes a carb hole

Portable Pipe Perks

Here are five reasons why spoon pipes and portable rigs are the most discreet and portable way to smoke:

1. Subtle

Spoon pipes and bubblers are much more inconspicuous and subtle than a full-sized water pipe. The pure convenience of being able to light up on the spot makes for a simple and discreet method for igniting oils, herbs or tobacco. Having a small pipe on hand allows you to avoid stares and be able to better enjoy yourself.

2. Convenient

Spoon pipes are generally small enough to fit into a backpack, purse or even a pocket. And since they’re super lightweight, it’s not a hassle to carry around all day. This means spoon pipes and bubblers are the epitome of portability.  

3. Streamlined

Portable pipes or rigs are an easy way to light up with extremely minimal effort. Simply pack the bowl with whichever herbs or oils you want to use, light up and you’re good to go. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, spoon pipes and bubblers will keep your session discreet and efficient.

4. Durable

When it comes to portable pipes, durability can be critical. A pipe needs to be able to withstand being hastily thrown in a bag or purse without the fear of it breaking. When you have a durable, practically shatterproof glass pipe, it’ll make transporting it that much more easy.

5. Affordable

Spoon pipes or bubblers are generally really affordable and can be easily replaced. Having an affordable pipe means two things: 1. It’s not a big deal if one breaks or is lost; and 2. You’ll have more money to spend on herbs or oils to use in your pipe.

But What’s the Best Way to Light Up on the Go?

So, you have your bubbler or spoon pipe and are ready to smoke. But did you know that how you light your pipe is completely up to you? There’s no one right way. Let’s go through some options:

Torch lighter

A torch lighter is typically butane-powered and will quickly ignite your heating element. Torch lighters come in both large and small sizes, so you’ll be able to find one perfect for your portable pipe.


Lighters come in many forms, from a fuel-powered Zippo to a simple Bic. These tend to be disposable lighters and are made very cheaply. With these you definitely get what you pay for.

Herb Iron

While not the smallest of devices, an herb iron tends to be the smoker’s premium combustion device. It’s electric and very similar to an old school soldering iron. There is really no cleaner way to smoke than with an herb iron.

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