Titanium Nails: An Accessory That Can Take The Heat

Titanium Nails: An Accessory That Can Take The Heat

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So, you’ve been using your dab rig for oils and/or concentrates and you’re looking for a way to upgrade your overall experience. You’ve probably read or heard a lot about titanium nails and are wondering if it’s worth the hype (and money) to upgrade. And our opinion is a resounding “yes.” Titanium nails are quite simply the best nails on the market for dab rigs or water pipes.

Heats Better

Titanium nails heat up much better than other types of dab rig nails. The metal simply heats up faster, retains the heat better and provides a greater heat transfer. This is exactly what you want when executing high-temperature dabs.

When using a titanium nail, all you have to do is heat it until it’s red hot, wait about 20 seconds and then proceed with your dab.  

No Toxic Fumes

Titanium can withstand a lot of heat, which means it doesn’t create any harsh or toxic fumes that can be a side effect with other materials.

Make sure that your dab nail is made of medical grade 2 titanium. Other types of titanium dab nails that use knock-off metal material can be made with a lot of filler, which equates to a less than desirable taste. And the last thing you want is to be inhaling trace amounts of heavy metal every time you dab.

Leaves Less Residue

While titanium nails aren’t residue-free, they definitely leave far less residue than a glass nail. And when it comes to cleaning, titanium nails are by far the easiest to clean.

More Durable

Thin glass nails break, they just do. But titanium nails are about as durable and strong as they come. These things are virtually indestructible.

Titanium nails can also come with or without carbs for increased ease of inhalation. Some “drop-down” models are even designed to prevent your dab rig’s stem from receiving excess heat from the torch; this feature is perfect for expensive rigs you don’t want to accidentally damage.

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