Herb Grinders

You might have seen them before in grocery stores, head shops, or even your grandmother’s kitchen: Herb grinders. These useful tools can crush just about any kind of dried herb into a fine powder to be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking to pack a bowl or fill up a bong, you can’t get very far in your smoking experience without an herb grinder.


At Thick Ass Glass, we want our grinders to take you to the next level. Not only do they collect all your substances in a convenient location, but they also help you get the most out of every herb you collect. If you have been stuck grinding by hand and you are tired of getting sticky fingers while wasting half of your product, then a grinder is the perfect new addition to your collection.

Benefits of Using a Grinder

People who haven’t used an herb grinder before might swear by the art of hand-grinding their herbs. But our TAG experts know that there is a huge difference in both the quality and the quantity of your smoking stuff when you use a grinder as part of your kit. 


It is no secret that most types of dry herbs need to be separated into smaller pieces so that they can burn better, and for longer periods of time. Grinding by hand can seriously hinder the potency of any type of product, making the resulting smoking experience a real bummer. Grinding herbs with a grinder can help you empty your stuff right into the bowl with a fine powder-like substance, giving you an even burn that can be shared with friends all night long.

Many Types of Grinders are Available Online

Not every grinder is the same, and quality truly does matter when it comes to getting the best for your herbs. We put in the time and effort to ensure that our herb grinders exceed industry standards, both in the materials they’re made of and the multi-functional capabilities they can provide.


Most of our herb grinders have at least four chambers, which is sometimes also called a multi-piece grinder. The main chamber sports a row of teeth facing different directions, and a round lid that can be twisted. All you have to do is put your precious herbs into the grinder and press the lid down, turning it in whatever direction you want. Similar to a pepper shaker, the grinder will start to break down the herb into smaller pieces that ultimately get ground into a finer substance. As it is ground, the herb falls into the second chamber below.


The chamber underneath that one can be opened up to receive the ground-up herbs. This ready-to-go herb pocket is the easiest way for you to pack a bowl on the go or show off your dynamic glass collection no matter where you are. If you want an even more refined product, you can check out the chamber underneath that where the finest particles are kept.

Add A Colorful New Grinder to Your Collection Today

Stop grinding all of your herbs by hand and losing out on major potency. Enhance your smoking sessions by equipping yourself with an herb grinder from our Thick Ass Glass collection online. Pair a grinder with any number of accessories to ensure you are never stuck without the proper tools for the job.